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We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled customer service. Over 70% of our enquiries are from loyal, returning customers.

So why do they keep returning? Trust. Our helpful advice, friendly approach and sound experience ensures you will trust the work we do. Check out some of the kind comments we receive here.

Traditional and power sweeping.

Every job is different so we use a combination of traditional and power sweeping methods to thoroughly sweep your chimney. Depending on which fuel you use, sometimes a more rigorous clean is required. That's why we use the latest power sweeping tools to get the job finished properly.

We also carry out a complimentary smoke test so you can be sure that your chimney is safe and blockage free. Value for money comes as standard with Scott Regan Chimney Sweeping.

Certificate for your peace of mind.

Some insurance companies will require an annual certificate to prove that your chimney is safe and fit for use. As part of our specialist safety training, we are authorised to issue an industry standard certificate.

Once your chimney has been throughly swept and inspected, we carry out a final draw test. This test ensures that the chimney safely draws up all of the smoke and gases. Once we are satisfied, you'll receive a signed certificate of completion.

Lucky sweep for your wedding.

Your wedding day should be the mark of great things to come. Why not follow tradition and see that lucky chimney sweep on your big day?

We are always delighted to make a show. Dressed in our traditional sweeping clothes, we are sure that you will have many great memories of our lucky appearance.

Friendly and professional advice.

One of the keys to keeping your chimney in optimal condition is to make sure you burn your fire correctly. We provide free and effective advice to minimise soot and debris buildup and make sure your fire burns at its best.

We always give advice based on the latest research and procedures set out by burnright; an orginsation that aims to educate best-burning practices. You can visit their website here to get the latest advice and tips.

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scott regan handing sweep completion certificate to customer in suffolk

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